I love, love, love fall weather. It’s the cool breezes, changing color of the leaves, the falling of the leaves, and of course pumpkin spice lattes. There’s so much beauty in every season, but fall is my favorite. It’s amazing to be able to see all the colors God uses to bring more life to this world, our temporary home. Remember in this season of your life to bring to your table: Jesus first and share all the fruit of the spirit with others. Be kind and enjoy your family and friends. And don’t forget to show the love of Jesus to everyone.


Remind Me Tomorrow



So maybe you guys are like me when my phones notifications pop up and says, “New Update Available”.  Who presses remind me tomorrow? I do. Every single day — until my phone is dragging, it’s battery starts to die at 25%, and it just seems like my phone may blow up at any minute. Are we like that with God? He’s wanting to communicate with us and have more of a relationship and His notification pops up and we press “Remind Me Tomorrow”? Every single day. Because either we are “too busy” or we just don’t want to wait for that “update”. Who wants to live a life that isn’t to it’s best? Who wants a relationship that isn’t to its update? Especially with Jesus. If it was to update your car or anything that is a worldly want, what would you choose? If you had the option to grow stronger with Jesus would you say “yes” or would you say “Remind Me Later”.  This is just something that was on my heart and something that we should really think about every single day. Everyday we should see if our choices line up with what is best for our relationship with God and we should “update” it constantly. Growing stronger in our relationship with Jesus and expanding our knowledge of His Word! Don’t put off the updates. Jesus has the best waiting for you. And He has a special personal “update” for every single one of us.

Praying blessings for all of you and that your faith strengthens by tons! Jesus loves you!

With Lots of Love,




Even Through the Tragedy

Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Hey Ladies and Gents!

My name is Brianna. I’m just going to tell you guys a little bit about myself and my faith. In September of 2007, I was 8 years old, I had a great life even though their were a few kinks. I believed in Jesus, I went to church, I went to the Christian school. September of 2007, I lost my cousin. Words can’t explain what losing him did to my family. Our hearts were broken. I was clueless to why God would take him away from us. Even with me being so young I was very tough. I knew that God has a Will. And I remembered our family always praying for God’s will to be done. In December of 2007, my Uncle fell off his roof. They rushed him to the hospital after he was found. At the end of December He passed away. Leaving behind his wife, my aunt, who had Leukemia. She passed away in March the next year. Least to say, me and my family’s world was spiraling. We just lost 3 family members in the span of 7 months. At this time, I was broken. I had lost my cousin, my uncle, and my aunt. My aunt was my best friend and she was the most funniest person and most beautiful.  That Christmas, she had no hair at all, her husband was in really bad shape at that time, and she did not fail to be herself and show the love of God. Even without any hair she was radiating with beauty. After losing all of them, I was confused with God. Why take such beautiful people?… The best answer I know is that God has a Will. And I trust Him. I’m not confused anymore because I know that the best place they could ever be is with Jesus. And when you find that peace that God has got you and your situation, no matter what it may be, your brokenness will be healed– your confusion will finally be calmed to a peace beyond your understanding. And that is what God gave to me. Absolute and complete peace. Though it still hurts to remember they are not here. It gives me great joy to know where they are.

These are the best words I can give you. Be still and know that God is God. And know that He will guide your life. And that everything that happens is not going to be fair by any means, because sin has taken over the world and we are not perfect people. But know that in you there is Jesus! And in all of this sin, you are His light in the world. Give no opportunity for the devil to take the light you have! Even with all the tragedy! Know God loves you. And He wants you to trust Him. And don’t let fear of the future control you. Be brave and know that storms of all kinds will come, but you have God on your side and His is not going to leave your side. Believe and trust in Him. He is never failing. 

Proverbs 3:6 ” In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.”

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, and I will be exalted in the earth!”

Ephesians 4:27 “And give no opportunity to the devil.”

2 Thessalonians 3:3 “But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.”

Psalm 55:22  “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”

Disclaimer:  I am not a counselor & I do not have a degree, but I do have Jesus in my heart. I allow the Holy Spirit to lead, and I will speak to my personal experiences of what I have learned through God our Father — always turning my weakness into His strength. I want you to know I will not be holding back from speaking over the lies that the world has told us is okay.

~p.s. so this is my first time blogging in the history of ever and also you guys should listen to Champion by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

byeeeee you guys, talk to you soon (((((:

To God all the Glory!

Just a little info!(:

Hey! My name is Brianna and I am so happy that I am getting this opportunity to make this blog! I am so very excited to be starting this and I absolutely can not wait to see what God has in store for all who are involved and for you all who are reading! This site was created to share my faith with other people. It was created to have the opportunity to change lives for Jesus. It was made to change history in our lives and the world we live in! One step at a time!! Jesus loves you!